Galaxy Z Fold4 | Galaxy Flip4 Pre-book T&C

1. The pre-order offers of SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip4 & Z Fold4 is available for all customers who do a pre-order of Galaxy Z Flip4  & Galaxy Z Fold4  (“Device”) during the period 20th Aug to 1st Sep’22. Galaxy Z Flip4  is introduced at a Price of Taka 154,999 /- & Galaxy Z Fold4  at a price of Taka 259,999/-. 5% VAT will be applicable as per Bangladesh Govt. rule with aforementioned price.

2. A customer can pre-order the Device at

3. Please note that this order shall be treated as a tentative order only. In order to confirm his/her pre-order the customer will be required to deposit, within 72 hours of the online order, a sum of Taka 20,000/ for Galaxy Z Flip4  & taka 25000 for Galaxy Z Fold4 . The delivery schedule will be communicated after booking confirmation. 

4. Customers who confirmed payment for Prebook amount for Galaxy Z Flip4 & Galaxy Z Fold4 20,000 & 25,000 then the customers will get Buds Plus & Buds pro from only Excel eStore Exclusively.

5. Every customer who pre-orders the Device Galaxy Z Flip4 & Galaxy Z Fold4 on the above-mentioned portal will be eligible for Samsung Flap leather cover for Z Flip4 and standing Cover with pen for Z Fold4 and 15,000/20,000 taka Cashback for Z Flip4 and Z Fold4  respectively as pre-order gifts during pre order time based on portal entry & pre-order booking money confirmation.

6. This promotional pre-order offer is for limited quantity. A customer who has done the tentative pre-order but fails to deposit the amount of Taka 20,000/ or 25,000/ for Z Flip4  or Z Fold4 , will not be eligible for this prebook bundle gifts.

7. This amount is non-refundable. If any prebooker deposit prebook amount but fails to collect his/her device during Prebook delivery timeline no claims shall be entertained & his/her prebook will be cancelled. 

8. The payment can be made either online or by visiting Excel eStore. Address: Tower Alamgir, House 11/B, Road 55, Block NW(F) Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212

9. Customers will be notified when the device is ready for delivery. 

10. Customers can also avail the interest free EMI facility for making the payment of the remaining amount at the time of delivery. Pre-order customers will be eligible for 18 months 0% EMI for Galaxy Z Fold4  & 12 Months 0% EMI for Galaxy Z Flip4 . Credit card holders of Selected Banks (The City Bank & SCB) will be eligible for 24 Months 0% Extended EMI for Galaxy Z Fold4  & 18 Months 0% EMI for Galaxy Z Flip4 .

11. The City Bank Amex card holders will be eligible for 5,000/ Taka cashback upon availing 18 Months EMI for Galaxy Z Fold4  only, however to be eligible for this Cashback cardholders need do EMI on minimum 150,000/ Taka and have to take 1st day product delivery when delivery starts. (Conditions Apply) *

12. The City Bank Amex Card holders will get the privilege to redeem MR points worth 10K (Required disposable 20,000 Points) & 15K (required Disposable 30000 Points) during Prebooking. This amount 10,000/ Taka or 15,000/ taka can be use as cashback (As Booking amount or during taking delivery). On first day delivery customers of Galaxy Z Flip4  on EMI upon 80,000 taka will get 5000 MR Point. To avail this The City Bank Amex Card holders must call to The City Bank Call center for coupon generation within (20th Aug’22  20th Oct’22). For this coupon redemption in SAMSUNG ND’s own stores will be in First comes & first serve basis. The City Bank holds the sole Authority & Responsibility to cardholder selection & coupon request generation. 

13. The City Bank Amex Card Holders MR points redemption will be happened from Selected /limited stores only.MR points redemption & payment process done solely by City Bank.

14. EBL Visa Credit Card holders will be eligible for 5,000/ taka cashback and 1,000 bonus Skycoin reward points  upon availing 18 Months 0% EMI with minimum EMI value 120,000/ Taka for Galaxy Z Fold4 . Cardholder will not be eligible for 5,000/ taka cashback if EMI value is less than 120,000/ Taka.For Galaxy Z Flip4  Card holders will be eligible for 3,000/ Taka cashback and 1000 bonus Skycoin reward point upon availing 12 Months EMI with minimum EMI value 80,000/ Taka. (Conditions Apply) *

15. SCB card holders will be eligible for 24 Months 0% extended EMI for Galaxy Z Fold4  & 18 Months 0% Extended EMI for Galaxy Z Flip4 . Card holders will enjoy 5% cashback on EMI value if they take minimum 18/24 Months EMI. (Conditions Apply) *

16. To avail SAMSUNG Assured Value Back offer, customers need to register in Prebook portal by paying 5,000/ Taka during confirming prebook or taking delivery. This offer is applicable only for Galaxy Z Fold4 .

17. SAMSUNG Assured offers maximum 100,000 resale value to customers on next Fold Series Upgradation only in 2023. This offer will not be applicable for any other device other than next Fold Series Prebook. Customers cannot ask for 100,000 resale value before or after next Fold Series preorder. 

18. We are communicating 100,000 of Resale Value for customers considering ZFold’s cost 259,999/. This 100,000 will be the maximum resale price considering Handset’s condition.

19. Exchange Bonus additional BDT 10,000 for non-Samsung old handset value is for selected Models only and upgradation bonus BDT 15,000 for selected Samsung handset only. To avail additional exchange value eligible models please visit: SAMSUNG Exchange partner SWAP holds sole authority of handset evaluation & exchange pricing rights.

20. Exchange Bonus 10K will not be applicable if old handset resale value is below 10K after final evaluation. Upgradation Bonus 15K will not be applicable if old handset resale value is below 15K after final evaluation.

21. Customer will not be eligible to enjoy 10,000/15000 taka exchange Bonus/upgradation Bonus if his/her handset is not in approved exchange list.

22. For Old Handset exchange customers need to bring old handset Box (Handset IMEI need to be matched with IMEI sticker on the box) during taking delivery.

23. 1 time Screen Replacement is applicable for 1 time only with discounted price within 1 year of prebook. Customers have to pay discounted value for screen replacement within 1 year of receiving Preorder device. For that customer have to pay 30% (discounted value of total Display) cost.

24. Pre order customers will enjoy Protector Flim Warranty for 1 Year after from day of IMEI activation. 

25. The internet bundle offer is being provided by Operators at their sole discretion.

26. Product Delivery will be start from 2nd Sep’22. Prior notifications will be sent to the customers mentioning specific delivery time or any changes in delivery schedule. Please note delivery schedule can be varied depending on availability of Products.

27. Please do not forget to bring your Photo ID during collecting your device (SAMUSNG Galaxy Z Fold4  and Z Flip4 ) also for availing exchange offer bring your national ID its Mandatory. 

28. There is no warranty (Replacement or service) for preorder bundle gifts Flap Leather Cover & Standing Cover with Pen.

29. By Pre ordering SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold4  & Galaxy Z Flip4 , Preorder customers have agreed to receive marketing materials from SAMSUNG for further communications & references.

30. Samsung/ Excel eStore authorized distributors reserves the right to change, amend and/or withdraw the pre-book offer or change any of these terms & conditions anytime without prior notice.

31. All disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts located at Bangladesh.

For More:

Contact: +8801713229888,   +8809610990120

Assured Buyback Plan Customer Terms and Conditions (Customer T&C)

•The Plan

This Assured Buyback Plan (“Assured Buyback Plan") provided by (SWAP), subject to terms and conditions mentioned below, guarantees buyback value for Device sold by offline/Online stores authorized by Samsung. The Plan protects the value of Your Device against market fluctuations and ensures an assured buyback value of your Device while upgrading your device to the next Fold Series device.


o Device means Samsung Mobile (Galaxy Z Fold4) purchased by you on which the Assured Buyback Plan is available

o Assured Buyback Value means the value of the Device at the time of next ‘Z Fold’ Series device upgradation.

Enrolment on to Assured Buyback Plan and Assured Buyback T&C

I. Enrolment Process –

o Customer visits offline Samsung authorized retail outlet (“Retailer”) or is ordering the specific device from any online platform

o Customer chooses the Device and opts for Assured Buyback Plan

o Registration fee TK 5,000/ is required for enrolment which can be paid during pre-order or at the time of taking delivery.

II. Assured Buyback T&C

o The original box and accessories of the original phone need to be returned in working condition along with the original phone while availing Buyback Guarantee.

o The original box should have to be in good condition and accessories should be in working condition, without any body damages or missing parts. In case the customer fails to provide the original box and accessories for the original phone under the conditions specified above, Assured Buyback Guarantee Value shall be reduced as per SWAP components prices.

o Customer has to make sure that, the original phone is switching on and remains in the On mode without being connected to a charger [For at least 30 Minutes].

o Customer have to ensure that the phone earpiece & mouth piece (for talk ability & hearing ability) is in working condition. The phone shouldn’t have any kind of user related issues like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data or any other functions need to be in working condition & shouldn’t have any trouble for using the functions of the devices.

o Phone screen and the body of the Original Phone is not in damaged or broken condition and the Original Phone is in working condition.

o There are no cracks in the body of the phone or on the screen. The screen has to be intact and buttons should not be missing or damaged. The display should not have any spots, shadow issue or dead pixel issues.

o Screen lock is not active (all forms of screen locks like pattern, pin, password, fingerprint, face recognition, smart Lock, etc. need to be deactivated).

o Please note that an online quality check may be conducted and no test shall be skipped.

o If the original phone satisfies all the quality checks stated above, only then the customer will be eligible to avail Assured Buyback Guarantee. If any or all of the quality checks stated above are not satisfied, the transaction may be cancelled or there may be a reduction in the Assured Buyback value. The final quality check shall be to the satisfaction of the designated executive at store level and his decision shall be final in this regard.

o In case any of the above conditions are not met, SWAP reserves the right to reject the buyback Plan redemption as per its sole discretion.

o In case the phone has any kinds of damage (physical or internal problem related issues) than for each component issues price will be deducted from the set highest Assured Buyback Value [BDT 100k for Galaxy Z Fold4].

Screen Physical Condition: For minor scratches (1-2 scratches) to heavy scratches (More than 2 scratches & deep scratches) up to 3,000tk. – 10,000tk. can be deducted from highest set Assured Buyback value [BDT 100k for Galaxy Z Fold4] based on the severity of the issue.

Device Body Scratch: For minor scratches (1-2 scratches) to heavy scratches (More than 2 scratches & deep scratches) up to 3,000tk. – 10,000tk. can be deducted from highest set Assured Buyback value [BDT 100k for Galaxy Z Fold4] based on the severity of the issue.

Device Body Dent: For minor to major dent up to 5,000tk. – 15,000tk. Can be deducted from highest set Assured Buyback value [BDT 100k for Galaxy Z Fold4] based on severity of the issue.

Side/Back Panel: For the discoloured panel (side/back) up to 10,000-15,000tk. Can be deducted from highest set Assured Buyback value [BDT 100k for Galaxy Z Fold4] based on severity of the issue (will be decided on store level inspection).

Camera: All Cameras should be in working condition & there shouldn’t be any issues in camera (dust or scratches or cracked camera glass). If any issues found in camera at any level of inspection, depending on severity of the issues a certain amount may deduct from the highest set value of the Assured Buyback [BDT 100k for Galaxy Z Fold4].

Hardware change issue: Any hardware change of this Device during this tenure other than SAMSUNG Authorized Service centre found during physical inspection will cause deduction of 5,000 TK.

• Transfer of Plan

o The Plan is transferable.

o The transfer of ownership of the Device to another party will carry out the Samsung Assured Plan benefits to its next customer (If the plan is within the valid time Period).

o This Assured Buyback Program will be expired at the end of delivery date of next ‘Z Fold’ Series Device. After last date of next ‘Z Fold’ Series delivery date  communicated from SAMSUNG Bangladesh Branch no claim will be entertained.

• General Terms

o The Plan should be availed by Bangladeshi citizens of 18 years and above of age.

o By completing the opt-in process for the Plan, you also consent to the information such as Mobile Number, IMEI and IMEI activation date being stored in the servers of Samsung/SWAP and allow it to be used by Samsung/SWAP for the purpose of Plan Activation, Redemption and associated communications.

o By agreeing to avail the Plan, you hereby represent, warrant and covenant that:

You are the sole, absolute and lawful owner of the Device;

The Device has been used by You in accordance with the applicable laws of the land.

The Device along with all its accessories, wherever applicable, under the Plan is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws or any agreement of sale etc.